Saturday, July 5, 2008

Revrsal on it's way!

We have done it. We are going to get the revesal done and see what God will do in our lives. The kids are already asking for brothers and sisters. How can we say no. God has blessed us much. we have also had our hard times. We recived a Piano for julia that was such a good price to say no would be a crime. So julia now has her own piano(all though all of us have been seen on it).Danielle will be 4 on monday I really can't belive it time really does go by fast . How does God keep up with all of it. I will never know. Andre just got over a double ear infection those are alway fun. Ok it's someones nap time and the computer is now in his room so I have to go. See ya!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Long time no see

Ok ,

so sorry I have not written latly. I'm very bad at the blog thing I guess. But it has come to the point where people are wondering what happend. So Let's just say my husband is amazing and we are doing great. We have been very busy in the church. And with homeschool. But for homeschool we are taking a summer brake off of everything but math. I know but julia is behind in math so we are doing a catch up this summer. It's been great so far. I have been reading my bible more although I should be reading it more. Well I guess my time is up for writing due to andre want's lunch now. I can't say when I will write again but just letting everyone know where fine.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Couch crazy!!!

Ok I'm couch crazy. I want to be submissive but it is so hard I spent a good hour this morning crying over a sofa set. If you have ever been to my house you know we have a loveseat and one chair. So I end up on the floor or standing if we have more than one person over. I found this couch loveseat the hole set table and two stand lamps for $600 on ebay and its by us so no shipping. But patrick said no. He thinks you can get a couch set for $100 with couch loveseat and table and all. I think he thinks we are in the 1940's. So I was crying because I want it so bad , but the maine reason is I felt like getting it any ways and just saying we need it it's a good deal I did it. But that would not be submissive. I'm trying so hard to be submissive I already in just the one day have earned $200 for the sofa set but still it ends today and I asked if she would take $300 (this is what would be ok.) but she said the lowest was $600 and I just can't stand that it is the sage green and it has the coffee table two side tables and the couch and loveseat for only $600 and it maches taht room so I don't have to change anything. We paid taht much for our loveseat alone which I now have on ebay to try and raise money for this set. I tried to explain to my husband that 9 years ago when it was just me and him a love seat was fone but we now have 5 people in our family and friends that come over. and a couch would be so nice but no budget except for $300 is what I can spend on this set and she can't do it she said. I have prayed to God and hoped something would change. But all I know is in need to be submissive. It's so hard!!!!!.

So please pray that I stay with Gods teaching and even though I really want it and alot of my freinds and family understand my reasons and think they are good. God calls me first to honor my husband and be submissive. I know we can also save the $200 I have raised for the reversal too. But I do belive that a couch the family can sit on and read to gether would be worth it. I just hate reading to the kid and they sit on the floor while I read because we all can't sit on the couch. It wouldn't be so bad if we had carpet but we have woood floors and its winter and they are cold. So please pray for me to pass this test. And please don't think badly for patrick. He is doing what he thinks is good. Even if I don't belive it to be true. Thanks!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

HSBA Swap!!

Ok I'm having so much fun! I just finished getting my box ready to ship for the HSBA swap for january. I got Cindy and she sounds liek a really cool person. She like about the same things I do except she lives in TX and I'm here in FL. She does have two boys and I only have one. (right now) She like history and so do I. But I have been more in mary prides book ~The way home~.
I raed allthe way home first so now I need to go back and ready the first book. Plus I just started reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle but Barbara Kingsolver.I love it and it is so true for the first chapter at least. She doesn't apare to be a christian but the way she talks in her book but if you can get past some of the thing she says it's over all a very informative book.But I will let you know what I think about it as I go one but I can say that I want to grow asparagus now:)

But back to the swap, I will post a photo here of the swap I get once it comes in and tell you all about it and maybe next month you'll want to join us.

Also to add on one more thing noah is back in the hospital so your prayers are needed.
Also I need some ideals for a valentines gift for my husband so if any of you have any ideals for me that would be great. Thanks, Sweetrose

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Teething havak!/revrsal update.

Ok, My first two kids where great with there teething and now my little boy here has sprang a big one on me and he get's sick everytime he get's a new tooth in. and he's getting three right now so he has been crancky and hold me hold me and when you have three and the other is three and she says hold me too. It get's to your back just a little so the last two day I have been the mommy that can't hold anyone after holding everyone and hurting my back. So if any of you out there have any good ways to carry two kids at once that won't brake mommy's back please share:) As for Andre he is feeling a little better still got the nose and all that still going. So how is your week going??

Mine is great over all. I have been reading paul's prayer's that one of our pastor's gave it out to those of us that want to pray more this year. I have to say when you start to really pray daily,hourly,minutely, you feel so much more ready for the day. Not only that but you start seeing the blessings you get every day that you don't even though they are there all the time. I love it.

We are still working on getting the revrsal done. We have $50 towards our goal for $2,500 . I'm going to find out how I can make a pole with our goal and then mark it as we get closer. We have found a place out of state that is one 1,500 and then we pay for the plane ticket and motel and food for him and it will be cheaper than the 6,000 here.We also have had a friend offer here time share type thing if it is with in the area we need to been in. So he would have a week there for just $200. If that doesn't work out then we will have to do a motel 6 or some cheap place like that for three day then he fly's home. I am trying to find out something I could do to Fundrasie for the reversal and I can make skarves right now. I'm selling them for $10. I will take a photo of one and try and get it posted next time I'm on. Hopefully tomarrow. So if you would like one please let me know. It takes me two days to make one and if you want a certain color and a mix of 3 certain colors it's $15. Let me know what you think or any Ideals would be great too. Or if you just want to donate to it You can got to and send donations to and in the note box place revrsal and I will add your amount to the pole.

We could also use all the prayers you can offer. If you don't already know we have three kids now Julia (7) Danielle (3) and Andre (1) . We homeschool second grade and pre-school. Talking about homeschool I just signed up for a homeschool swap and it sounds fun. Look here if your intrested: It's by homeschool blag awards. And SpiritBee. Thanks all and I will be back to ramble some more real soon. Sweetrose

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Well so far it is for me how about you?? I am so happy we are finally tithing our full 10% and we where able to stay on budget this pay check.Plus to top that with the cherry we have a start for our savings for the reversal visectomy. I am way jumping the gun on this and have already thought up a name if our next blessing is a girl. We will name her Joshephen Faith Nicolle. And on top of that we got a nother blessing we are getting a bunk bed for the girls room so they might have some room in there room.Instead for the two twin beds in there. They will be getting a twin on top and a full on bottom. We just need to get a full mattress. Then when we have another one we will have room for one more girl in there. They can share the full and one on top and then in andres room he will have a twin with a pull out at the bottom. So if we have another boy to then there will be room in his room. Can you say I'm getting carried away with the hope having more kids thing. I just can 't help it.

Changing the subject we are looking in to our garden this year and since the tree in the back has grown to the point where our original garden is all shaded. We are going to do a pot garden this year. We are going to have about six blueberry plants and two tomato plants and then two or three with lettice. and one hurb garden pot. It should be fun and the kids get to paint the pots. It is a little more expinsive to garden this way but still cheaper that going to the store and buying all the food. Well I have to go for now I will try and write more tomarrow. Thanks, Sweetrose

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thanks for Prayer for Noah!

Hi ,

Thanks all for your praires for noah he is now home and at least gets to spend time with family. What about Family are you spending time with yours? I know I am and thankful that God has blessed me with the one's I have. All though some are more trying than others:)

I just have to thank God this season for the Big gift of the season......JESUS! There has been so many time that I really do take HIM for granted. I pray for all of us this comming new year that we not only want more chocolete and time reading books we want to read , but that we pray more and foucse our attention on HIM more. I have been reading in newspapers and magazines how the muslims and buddist have been steping up in the world with prayer time during work hours that are manditory to the work days. They have at least three times a day that they stop work at work find a good place and pray. I pray that we do the same this year pray with out stopping always have God on our minds and just see what happens. God is a wonderful awsome GOD and He can do thing we don't even think of. He knows all Kind of Scarey. But in the best of ways.

As for our house and how thigs are we are almost out of dept thanks to a christmas prestent from the in-laws. We are also on christmas and new year break. Which mommy really needed. Thanking GOD the little things in life is what we are working on during our break. Also trying to catch up on those books we buy and then sit on the shelf. I am reading mary prides ALL THE WAY HOME book and loving it. I recommend everyone read it. I also am working on my lamplighter books. Great for family reading. we finished teddys button, jessicas first prayer, and now are saving to get the baskets of flowers book.

My husband is now looking for a new job and it is thrilling and scary all at the same time. Will we have to move. Do we stay. It is all up to God and if you all can help please pray for us taht we make the right decisions according to Gods will. Thanks. I think that is all for now I will make sure I write a new year blog to say happy new year tko all friends old and new. Thanks, Sweetrose :)